LED Video Wall

Prides itself in bringing to you a world class resources and expertise in the Audio Visual and Lighting System Industry. Shift to the digital era, adapt to the latest technology!


SuccessBMC offers the latest technology in the LED industry.


Deliver flawless to any size and shape, SuccessBMC offers Design, Build and Install to cater to our customers needs.With LED Walls, turn your presentation, concerts into new prospective. Your content will absolutely looks great in every angle even in high weather environments. Win the attention of your audience over the latest LED technology.

Bring clarity to your presentation by using

LED Video Walls.


Wall Mount

Heavy-duty Indoor and Outdoor Wall Mounted LED. Plug-and-play preconfigured video processor and it also comes with LED panels, cables and connectors, access tools and customer support. LED Video walls last 3 times longer than the usual projectors making the cost effective over time.

**Easy to maintain and repair

Package includes:

LED Wall Mounted Panels

Wall Mount Brackets

Power Cables

Receiving Cards



Heavy-duty Portable LED Wall available Indoor and Outdoor, built ruggedly to achieve weather resistant panels. We made sure that our portable LEDs are easy to assemble and teardown, built tough and comes with a state of the art cases for storage and transport.

Pixel Pitch options: 3.9, 2.97, 2.5 and more.


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